Custom Flip Books Deliver Video Content Anywhere.

Flippies is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom flip books for creative marketers.

Custom Flip Books Deliver Video Content Anywhere. Use Flippies custom flip books to delivery your video content in print as interactive brochures, promotional giveaway items, trade show handouts and flip books to bring sports and entertainment marketing action to life. You have invested in creating digital content to promote your brand, and are probably distributing it on tv, online and other places. But why stop there. Flippies custom flip books enable you now to get more value from your video content by delivering it to audiences anywhere and everywhere they are. Handout flippies custom flip books at events, give flippies flip books away at trade shows, use flippies as promotional items that excite your customers, consumers and other audiences. Bring the action from your sports or entertainment marketing sponsorships to life using custom flip books that deliver clips of video content from the sports and entertainment marketing properties you align your brands with. When you deliver your branded content in print you will amaze your customers. They will be fascinated by viewing your video content in print by flipping them in a flippies custom flip book. As they flip through the book they will see your video content play with only a simple flip of a thumb. Your video content is valuable and now there is a new way to leverage it, in print. Custom Flip Books Deliver Video Content Anywhere. Just call flippies to have us make custom flip books which delivery your content practically anywhere you want to reach consumers or customers at events, trade shows, direct mail, promotions, fundraisers and anywhere else you want to put your video content to work as a marketing tool for your brand.