Can’t Afford TV? Hey, Flip Books Are Similar

Flip books haven’t been a major part of anyone’s marketing efforts since, oh, probably the late 1800s. But with everyone cutting back their media budgets, custom flip-book maker Flippies sees an opportunity for the original motion pictures to make a comeback. “History has demonstrated that flip books are the ultimate recession-proof marketing tool,” Flippies president Jeffrey Kay says. “Right now, flip books are to marketers what meatloaf is to comfort food.” Though it has trouble with SAT-exam-type analogies, Flippies has built a solid business and boasts a client list (MTV, Subaru, L’Oréal, Puma, AT&T, etc.) any agency would be proud of. Its flip books, featuring “crystal clear clips of full motion video with a simple flip of a thumb,” work nicely as interactive brochures, event giveaways and trade-show handouts. Sure, they’ve been around a while (they were invented in 1882 by Henry Van Hovenbergh of Elizabeth, N.J.), but Kay points out that they’re “one of the earliest forms of interactive media on record.”

Posted by Tim Nudd



SOURCE: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/cant-afford-tv-hey-flip-books-are-similar-15212