Flip Books. A Way To Engage Your Customers.

I’m always looking for non-traditional marketing communications collateral. I believe that uniqueness in your collateral does attract potential customers. I came across a company who creates flip books as marketing collateral. These books where a great source of entertainment for me as a child. I would spend hours trying to figure out how the single images would “move” when I flipped through the pages of these little books. What’s more is that I kept these little gems for a long time. This is the precise reason I like the flip book idea.


As a marketer, your goal is to keep your message in front of your customer as long as possible. With the flip books, you not only create a marketing communications piece that intrigues their curiosity, but one that engages and entertains your target audience. Your target audience will certainly hold on to your marketing piece longer, if not indefinitely. If you’re looking for a unique way to engage your customers and promote your business, products, or services, I would recommend trying the flip books by Flippies.


SOURCE: http://www.marketingcommunicationsblog.com/flip-books-a-way-to-engage-your-customers/