Flip Video Dies While Flip Books Thrive As A Modern-Day Marketing Tool

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y., April 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Flippies, a New York-based manufacturer of custom flip books, has realized something completely unexpected during these challenging economic times: growth!

Recognized as one of the earliest forms of interactive media on record, flip books are making a comeback despite a tough U.S. economy and slashed marketing budgets. “Marketers are taking cues from the past in order to harness feelings of comfort and stability for their current marketing communications. As a result, they’ve rediscovered flip books,” said Jeffrey Kay, President of Flippies, who produces millions of custom flip books annually for businesses who use them primarily as interactive brochures, event giveaways and trade show handouts.

“History has demonstrated that flip books are the ultimate recession-proof marketing tool,” said Kay, who points out that flip books have successfully survived – and even thrived – through six previous U.S. recessions, the Great Depression and countless economic downturns. “Right now, flip books are to marketers what meatloaf is to comfort food. And in this age of multi-platform, high-tech interactive marketing, the simplicity of flip books is not only refreshing, but its illusion is more captivating and engaging than ever.”

Originally invented in 1882 by Henry Van Hovenbergh of Elizabeth, New Jersey, flip books create the optical illusion of motion when images stacked in sequential stages of movement are flipped. The first flip books consisted of simple drawings stacked in sequential stages of movement with a single staple binding. When the pages were flipped, they would create the optical illusion of motion. Flip books were then popularized in the early 1900s by the Cracker Jack Company who gave them away as free in-pack prizes. Other marketers soon followed suit, including manufacturers of breakfast cereals, bubble gum, cigarettes, automobiles and snack foods.

Flippies has re-engineered the original flip book concept to create the most engaging, entertaining flip book experience ever. They’ve also created a patent-pending process to easily create flip books from live-action or animated video footage. The end result is a high-quality flip book that plays back crystal-clear clips of full-motion video with a simple flip of a thumb. “What’s old isn’t only new again, it’s also improved,” said Kay. Recent customers include Motorola, Olympus, MTV, Subaru, Nickelodeon, L’Oreal, Puma, Abbott Labs, Starz and AT&T, among others.



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