Flipbooks Are A Whole New Way To Communicate


Flipbooks put your brand into action with a simple “flip-of-a-thumb”. They’re an interactive marketing materials, and a fun promotional item… all at the same time. How you choose to use Flippies custom flipbooks within your marketing programs is limited only by your imagination.




Flippies are the highest quality flipbooks available, engineered specifically to meet the needs of creative marketers.

Each Flippies flipbook delivers two different flip-animated clips of footage (front/back). And we offer two different sizes of flipbooks, each serving it’s own unique function.



This is the best-selling flip book in the world, and the best performing flipbooks of all time.

This is our “classic standard”, and is the ideal size and configuration for maximizing the optical effect created by flipbooks. Measuring 4″ (w) x 2 1/2″ (h) x 64 pages, it’s large enough to handle your creative and marketing communication needs. Yet small enough to slip easily into your back pocket. Flippies are the perfect size flipbooks to be used for:

  • Event Marketing Handouts
  • Trade Show Giveaway Items
  • Full-Motion Brochures
  • Handheld Product Demonstration Devices
  • Interactive Promotional Premiums
  • Sports and Entertainment Promo Items
  • Publicity/PR Campaigns
  • Fundraisers



The mini version of our original Flippies, this flip book was engineered along with packaged goods companies specifically for the purpose of insertion into their product packaging. Measuring 2 1/2″ (w) x 2″ (h) x 32 pages, it’s small enough to slip easily into your product packaging. Yet large enough to deliver excellent entertainment value, branded imagery, product messages and even coupons to your consumers. Flippies, Jr. is the perfect size flip book to be used for:

  • In-pack promotions
  • Product hang-tags (string looped through hole-punch corner)



If our two standard flipbook sizes or configurations don’t meet your requirements, or even if you just had something else in mind that may work better for your promotion, just let us know. Our production and design specialists will custom engineer a flip book that best meets your project requirements.

Take Your Pick From These Awesome Flippies Products!

We have made it easier than ever to create custom flipbook promotional products for your company. Order your Flippies today and tell your brand’s story in a totally unique and fun manner.

(Minimum Order is 2,500 Flip Books)

To make flipbooks for personal use as gifts, invitations, greeting cards or just for fun, check out myFLIPPS