18  November

Why Flipbooks Are Great Marketing Tools… Again

While shiny new ad:tech tools and social networks like Instagram have hogged the attention of marketers, a funny thing happened to more traditional ways of communicating visually – the became far more interesting! Visual content has always always been king… even 100 years ago when flipbooks were the latest, greatest visual marketing innovation. Today, flipbooks are back, and they’re better than ever. How did such a simple, old school method of communication find a new place in today’s digitally obsessed world? Let’s have a look:

Flipbooks are SimpleFlipbooks Deliver Video Content In Print

Yes, you read that right. You spend so much time creating commercials for television, video for social networks and other marketing content for your company – so why not get some additional mileage out of it. Repurpose your video content to flipbooks, and leave a lasting impression.


Flipbooks are Simple… And That’s OK!

What’s old is new again! A flipbook always performs with a simple flip of a thumb, and is mesmerizing every time! NO BATTERIES REQUIRED, no technological glitches, power shortages, or hardware errors to hamper the process of imparting valuable branded imagery and information to audiences. Thumb-powered marketing. How refreshing.

Flipbooks Are Practical and Convenient

Small enough to view in the palm of your hand, and fits easily into your pocket. Flipbooks are prefect for distribution at events and trade shows, direct mail programs, product launches and other marketing campaigns.

Everybody Loves Flipbooks!Everybody Loves Flipbooks

It’s hard not to be immediately drawn in to the simple yet amazing illusion provided by the flip of a flipbook. Watch print turn into video right before your eyes – with no technology! Flipbooks make people smile, engage, share and enjoy your marketing messages on a whole new level. Brochures are boring, but flipbooks are fun! Which would you rather put into the hands of your customers?

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