20  November

Why You Should Be Using a Flipbook for Your Business Marketing

Why You Should Be Using a Flipbook for Your Business MarketingIn the digital world of marketing, we at Flippies are often asked, “Why do people use flipbooks for marketing?” Surely, with access to social media, print and TV advertising, printed flipbooks might seem like a very small tool to be used for marketing a business, product or services, but in reality, these small books have more marketing power than one can imagine.

Flipbooks weren’t always used for marketing though. The early days of flipbooks presented these small stories as prizes in a kid’s breakfast cereal. It was only later on that big companies such as Gillette, McDonald’s and even Disney realized that these books could be used as a very effective marketing tool. Used as promotional giveaways, novelties and interactive brochures for products and services, flipbooks give their users a look at video clips, photographs and other sources just at the flick of the thumb and pack quite a punch for any marketing strategy.

For something so small, you have to wonder what exactly is it that attracts businesses to use these flipbooks for their marketing and advertising? Here, we’ll give you the answer to your question.

Primary Benefits of Flipbooks for Businesses

·        No Performance Issues

Flipbooks are used by many companies and brands to promote their products and No Performance Issuesservices, but since not all can hire blimps or electronic performances to announce their promotions, flipbooks give them just the right amount of attention that they need. Along with that, because flipbooks are low-key and do not require any technology to run them, you can always count on your flipbook to work.

·        Flipbooks are Memorable

Let’s face it, if you see something in a flipbook, you will remember it. Not only because your memory retains visual information more, but because a flipbook is a highly unusual method of promotion. Through a flipbook, companies can give exactly the type of impression they want to make without any worries, and since it is so unique, it captures the customer’s attention.

·        They Allow More Design Options

They Allow More Design OptionsAn advertisement on TV can either be run-of-the-mill or memorable, and only a few make it to the latter category. When creating more effective marketing brochure templates, many businesses opt for flipbooks because they can not only be printed in any tabletop size, but they can also be printed in different colors, black ink or any other combination.

·        They Are Practical and Convenient

Flipbooks are small enough to be carried, so they can virtually be taken anywhere at any time by anyone. For a company, it doesn’t matter if you’re a businessman or a housewife; with this mode of advertising, anyone can simply pick up these self-contained and portable advertisements and place them in their surroundings.

·        They Are Complete and Affordable

Companies favor unique ways of advertising, rather than flashy. With a flipbook, businesses get a more affordable way to promote their services without worrying about the budget, and since each page of a flipbook focuses on one concept at a time, it creates a complete presentation of all points of the product.

At Flippies, we try to give the customer exactly what they need, and with our flipbook’s creative thinkers bringing different concepts to the table, businesses are using these small books to market their products without a problem.